EVE_NT London - Saturday February 10th 2018


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Demetri Slavic

I will be present <3

As always, see you there

Plan to be there :smile:

Im In!

I’ll be there as usual. Looking forward to it.

I shall be present!

Eyyy, I can go!

What’s the skin though?

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I should be there again. It was quite a laugh last time. Might come later this time though, snuck out last time didn’t have the stamina lol

I’ll be there

What do you know?

I’ll be there :wink:

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Conflicting info - 10th or 17th??

I reckon I might turn up; I’m a bit burned out and fancy a bit of a chat about what to do next.

Come & find me to find out how you can save 15% on your Ship Insurance :wink:

I will be there!
The last one was awesome!

Confirming attendance.

will be there

Count me in!


Well, guess I’m gonna be heading up if I can find a cheap hotel to dive in.

Will be late, but will be there.