EVE_NT London - Saturday, February 8th 2020

EVE_NT London is the longest running EVE player event in the world, having run for over 13 years!

Same Bar as always, Same City, Same day of the week.

As usual we’re inviting you all, the entire player base, as well as CCP and all their affiliates along for another player gathering in Central London.

So come raise a few glasses and trade some stories of Internet Spaceships.

Please feel free to discuss, and please state your attendance in this thread (It helps with planning)!

Look forward to seeing you there!


Just wondering about parking etc as I don’t live in London but would for once like to attend! Not promising I can make but could do with some more details.

Thank you in advance.

Alex aka Loki Elis (ingame)

I’m going to be there this time. Travel will be interesting because chunks of the Circle, District & Hammersmith & City lines will be closed for engineering work. But it will still be doable.

I’ll see if I can look in. I’ll be the guy with leg in plaster. Depends on transport though as a lot of the tube seems borked.

There is parking nearby, but its central London prices.

The two best options are:



But id suggest coming into London on public transport if able.

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