EVE-O Preview v4.0.1 "Quatrus II" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2018-04-04 ]

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #170

Unfortunately no solution for this. Seems to be a ‘gift’ from NVidia :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This doesn’t apply only to EVE and EVE-O Preview. F.e. start any video on Youtube and then minimize the browser. Then press Win+Tab. There will be still image instead of what once was a live preview of video playing.

There’s nothing I can do with this, sorry.

The workaround solution (to not minimize some selected clients even when they are not active) is, well, only a workaround.

(Alex Kadu) #172

Не работает твоя гавно программа, зачем выкладывать такое гавно, которое не работает и еще просить что-то. 2 дня пытаюсь чтобы сохранились настройки окон и прога эта тупая нихуя не сохраняет

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #173

Люблю ру-комьюнити :grinning:

Будем использовать твой уровень дискуссии, если хочешь:

С учетом того что у всех всё работает, говно тут только одно - прокладка между твоим стулом и мышкой.
Никто тебе ничего не должен, так что щёчки сдуй и *здуй отсюда.

(Spruillo) #174

Up and running, problem is thumbnails are black.
Searching has turned up nothing.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #175

What’s your Windows version? If it is Win7 - do you have Aero enabled?

(Yui san) #176

Got the same problem. My minimized client thumbnails won’t update.

Windows 10
Aero enabled
Nvidia 1060

(Spruillo) #177

7 ultimate, 2013 alienware i7 aero disabled classic theme basically everything set pure performance.
I get either black thumbnail or green background, tried fixed, windowed, fullscreen, searched and read anything which not just a ton of search results.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #178

EVE-O Preview uses some of the Aero API to display thumbnails. With Aero disabled it cannot display thumbnails. Yet it still can be used as a task switcher (via displayed client names or via hotkeys)

(Spruillo) #179

Solved, Thank you.
Of course the side effect is it doesnt look like im running windows 98 lol

(Ox Fast) #180

It has suddenly stopped working properly. The thumbnails are now static and does not show any updates. Before the updates were sporadic but that helped with the resource load but now it doesn’t update unless it is my active window.

Halp please!

edit: seems to be a problem with my windows aero. will try to find a fix.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #181

With one of the latest updates Windows 10 stopped to update preview images for minimized windows. Not only EVE but also all and every software - from video players to games.

Currently there is no other solution than to disable the ‘minimize inactive clients’ option.

(Ox Fast) #182

damn, that resource hog =(

(Jedir Shepard) #183

Can we get a hotkey, so we can cycle through the clients? (no automatims, just swtich clients without alt + tab or clicking on the preview window)

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #184

Has been discussed before several times.

In short words:
This feature won’t be implemented. IMHO it is way to close to ‘unfair advantage’ and ‘automation-like game style’

(Jedir Shepard) #185

That answer is okay for me. Keep up the good work mate.

(Makavi Madeveda) #186

How is pushing a button different than clicking on the pic? Same amount of action.

(Myrma-boost) #187

Hi, I can see it’s possible to assign Y key to X client.

Is it possible to assign Y key to X and Z clients, with the intent that it selects X, however if X isn’t running it instead selects Z?

I have identical character layouts for some accounts in different locations, would be handy if I could use the same hotkeys for both characters on the same account.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #188


That should work.
Ping me via EVE mail if you’ll have difficulties with this.

(Myrma-boost) #189

I just gave it a go, works very well. Maybe I should’ve just tried it before bothering you.

Thank you for this tool!

(vipere scorpion) #190

pensez vous que le programme arrivera un jour sur mac ?
si oui je serais ravis
a quel pseudo ont dois faire un don
ships ou isk
FR dialogue google transalte