EVE Online Guide: Industry - Planets

In this episode, we take a look at Planetary Production.
What can we make on planets?
How do the product tiers work?
How do we find the right place to do planetary production?
How do we make our set-ups efficient?
Hopefully we’ll be answering all these questions!

00:00 Intro
00:22 What is Planetary Production?
01:20 What can we make?
03:30 Planet types
06:16 What to build?
08:11 Where to build it?
09:27 Colony PG/CPU and Links
11:13 Building a colony
12:15 Scanning for resources
13:18 Placing buildings
15:54 Customs taxes
17:30 Extractors
18:39 Factories
20:26 Installing an extraction program
24:24 Cargo buffers
27:05 Routes
32:06 Exporting
33:35 Importing
36:18 Balancing production
38:40 Recap and Outro


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