So i want to start some in industry

So i have been thinking about to start some indy making stuff but i dont know what to start with and i don`t 100% understand the youtube tutorials and stuff. and they feel kinda outdated but idk maybe its just me thats really bad at understanding the indy stuff but i really want to learn it. becuse i really like the idea making stuff on my own and the feeling sounds nice for me. please give some website links and stuff where i can read how to begin the indy stuff.

Thanks alot for all answers and have a great day.


Apart from EVE-Uni’s articles about industry, this thread might be helpful to you as a start: [WIP] The Industrialists Guide to the Universe


Greetings, as a industrialist, feel free to mail me and add me as contacts, So I can help you . O7

Okay i have added you as a contact and send a mail to you in-game.


I am a part time industrialist too, who have build items both in null sec (with an alliance) and high sec (to sell in the market)

If you need some mentoring, you can send me a message and we can talk if you are interseted.

Maybe this can help you a bit.

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