EVE Online Guide: Shield Tanking

This time, we take a look at shield tanking along with a recap of resistances and stacking penalty game mechanics.
How do you pick which ships to shield tank?
What’s the difference between active and passive shield tanking?
What size of shield booster should I use?
What’s the relationship between shield hitpoints and shield regeneration rate?

Am I right? I wrong?
My God, what have I done?

Most of these questions will be answered in this video:

00:00​ Intro
00:40​ What is tanking?
02:38​ Deciding when to Shield Tank
05:08​ Types of Shield Tank
05:56​ Shield Resistance modules
09:39​ Resistance Mechanics
11:59​ Stacking Penalty
15:43​ Assault Damage Controls
17:18​ Active Shield Boosters
24:14​ Shield Buffer
28:47​ Shield Regen Rate
32:14​ Guide Recap
33:25​ Outro


You keep pushing out very useful vids with a lot of factual stuff, compared to that most other “guides” lack details.

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Takes a while to script each one and keep it concise but also to provide enough information without going down the “it depends” rabbit hole :smile:

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