EVE Online Guide: Armour and Hull Tanking

A deep dive into Armour and Hull tanking, as well as the Resistance and Stacking Penalty game mechanics!
How do you pick which ships to Armour Tank?
Buffer or Active?
How many Reps?
All of these questions and more answered right here

00:00 Intro
00:19 What is tanking?
02:53 Deciding when to Armour tank
06:17 Armour Buffer
08:06 Armour Plates
11:37 Armour Resistance Modules
14:41 Reactive Armour Hardeners
16:21 Armour Resist Rigs
16:39 Resistance Game Mechanics
18:31 Stacking Penalty Mechanics
22:09 Tech 2 Ship Resistances
22:44 Assault Damage Controls
24:30 Stacking Penalty Free Modules
25:22 Active Armour Tanking
28:53 Mixing Buffer and Active?
30:16 Tank vs DPS
30:55 Dual Repping
31:43 Ancillary Repairers
33:15 Hull Tanking
38:43 Outro


Just to plant the seed of an idea. Can something like this be done for the NPE? A set of tutorials that could be minimized to run along with it. As someone else put it, handholding them while adding what the tutorial misses?

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We did actually have a quite decent set of in-game video tutorials made by CCP themselves.
Sadly, they were not signposted nor given clickable links on the tutorial missions then they were suddenly removed for some reason.
Go figure.
you get nowt

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