Eve online is way too unforgiving for new players

With uedama a known hot spot I really don’t have pity for blind gate jumps there. Even I take the time to have some char run a fast mover through before the expensive stuff goes. PIta, but when the inty char sees inbound loaded up…its a sign. Sign says park the hauler and try again later.

Inty char sees its clear as day…its go go go.

ganking is like a job. It seems to give lunch breaks lol. You can catch even uedama in slow times for clear skies.

TBH haulers need to be doing this now a days anyway. I run 20 jumps to minmatar from caldari its scouted in some way. Since the day you don’t do this…is the day you could get trig’d lol. As about a month ago some moving through perimeter found out. Many got trig’d on their jita route using it.

Just quit being a noob


Im sorry if you have misunderstood the point of the thread. This thread is not just about me.

I’ve encouraged several new players into the game, and answered their questions pretty much the same way they would get answered in Rookie chat. None of them have found the game to be particularly challenging or difficult.

One of the things I do tell them though is that they are at war. And if they want to survive in EVE they can’t slip up in their thinking in that regard. When you undock, you are at war. And you will eventually get your ship and possibly your pod, killed. The fight may be fair, or it may be horribly one sided, but it WILL eventually happen. Sometimes it may happen frequently until you readjust your game play to counter it, even if that means moving to a different area. Get that set firmly in your brain, and you’ll have a better chance at making it to your next port of call.

I also remind them that getting salty about getting blown into their component atoms, will only paint a target on their backs and make them die more often. Of the three people I have encouraged into Eve, 2 are still playing, the third was still playing up to the day he passed in an auto accident. So I really don’t think this game is too hard on new players. I think what is hard, is new players not being expressly told from the start, that they are nothing more or less, than at all out war with other players.



Is Uedama labeled as “high security”? Is it actually? I have sympathy for people being lied to and tricked. I have sympathy for people who need to use third party software just to know what the hell is going on in a game. I have sympathy for people who have not logged in for years who don’t know what happened to Uedama and would not even think to ask about it so as to know.

All High Security means is that Concord will blow up bad guys after they have been bad to you. it doesn’t mean you are ever safe.



Can you put a bubble on it? No. Its not 0.0.

Does it have gate guns? Nope…its not low.

Do crews really not worried about money stage several covert sub fit t3’s cloaked to mug you hard on entry? Its not a wh entrance lol.

.5 has cops. they come slowly is all.

Much like real life. Police don’t prevent crime from happening to you, they just, if you are lucky, punish the perp after the fact.

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That definition only applies to EVE Online. Its a smokescreen and essentially a lie.

They could call low sec “happy fun space” and it would be on the same level as the high sec lie.

Crime ridden ghettos have cops. But no one calls them “high security areas”.

You are tossing non-seqiturs at this.

Null: Anything goes
Low: Gates will shoot bad guys.
High: Cops will come after the fact.

You are correct that high security is a misnomer. However, it defines the area as ‘safer’ than low or null. It doesn’t define the area as perfectly safe. A high security military base is ‘safer’ than say a war zone, but bombs and missiles and suicide gankers can still cause havoc in it. There is no difference in reality between the two. You are NEVER safe in real life, anywhere on the planet. And it doesn’t matter what the area is called. If someone wants you dead, they will find a way to make that happen, On earth, or in eve.

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This is another non-sequitur. I never made any sort of claim like that. Nor is anyone claiming that IRL high security areas are 100 percent safe.

The issue here is that some places that are more dangerous than an average low sec system are still lableled as “high security”.

And the difference between the IRL definition and the EVE definition hardly end there either. The EVE definition is just preposterous. Even Wild West towns would make you check your guns in at the edge of town and they weren’t claiming “high security status”.

Uedama clearly isn’t.

Most of high sec is NOT a war zone except in terms of a cold war. YOu don’t expect Canada to suffer bombs and missiles because there is a civil war in Yemen.

High sec needs to be renamed, and the security ratings need to be fluid.

Here, let me be more precise. Because frankly, you are being pedantic.

Null/WH = Anything goes.
Low sec: Gates will shoot you.
High sec: Cops will come after the fact, you can still be a victim
Absolute security: Docked in an npc station. Where you are totally safe.

There, happy now. You really should change your name to Mr. Pedantic, because that is what you are right now.

Its more like you can’t handle being corrected with grace.

I live in the USA, and places we would like to think of as being safe, are not. The mass shootings speak for themselves.

Are American schools called “high security” areas?

If they were, would you be cool with that?

No, it’s more that your arguments are nit picking a single short phrase and attempting to equate it with absolute security. I don’t have time or the spoons, for it, nor to be honest, the patience to deal with someone who chooses to be obtuse. Have a nice day. Mr. pedantic.

Nope. But military bases are called high security areas, and they still get shot up. Your argument is moot.

Matter of perspective there it seems.

Here is my perspective.

One char I ahve is the orca char. Tank skills 5 (all tanks, shield to hull). I run the around 500K ehp brick fits. MWD assisted.

If the gate camp is weakly manned I will see concord show up in .5. I can live this. Orca pilots have lived ganks to get the load to jita. And laugh as they see they have tons of killrights granted to them from the gank attempt.

If its a massive arty party…well yeah, that’s game over. Jumping an orca into 30 nado’s…that was a bad call to start with.

that same brick fit. I cannot remember the name of the system. Its in caldari space…and its famous for being the fastest way into 0.0. I should know it since I deployed to 0.0 many times but drawing a blank

Anyway a 0.0 gate is literally right there…on a hi sec system. No concorde is coming to save me if I take my orca through it. Even if its jsut 5 jackdaws who have me hard tackled nd hell bubbled up. ONce they shoot out my drones…I got 3 choices.

watch 5 jackdaws kill me over several minutes.

go watch something on netflix/youtube. Its gonna be a bit.

or if I need this pilot doing something useful faster…self destruct. I am dead…lets not have this take 10 minutes. Make it 2 minutes…

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In war zones yeah. Otherwise, short a rare lone wolf or insugency attack, no.

The thing is, they disarm people at the gate. This is probably the most basic and central tenet of any place claiming to be high security including prisons, embassies and military bases. If someone was running around the area armed, they would say security was breached ie, its no longer high security for the moment.

They would NEVER say its still high security because if someone shoots at you, we will rush to the scene and shoot back. NEVER.

And they sure as heck don’t let known pirates, terrorists or insugents in without cuffs on and an escort.

Face it. I am not being pedantic. I am just pointing out that NOBODY comes to EVE expecting a place dubbed “high security” to be remotely this dangerous. They learn from bitter experience and have to memorize an all new, counter-intuitive and counter-standard meaning unique to this game. I believe this is an intentional trick.