EVE Online Video uploading

Hi everyone,

In the past, somewhere in the transition of eras of New Eden between mythical and legendary times, when affairs happened hard to believe, new trends evolved that by now are looked upon by many, as nostalgic memories of old, EVE videos by pilots of the community would be uploaded to eve-files.com and then linked in My EVE section on old forums. Back when online streaming services like YouTube were limited to specific length of time and so on. Is eve-files.com still used for this purpose as some videos released in the current era, perhaps are worth downloading rather than streaming online, because of the quality loss that comes with YouTube. It is not the same full, immersive experience of the video.


No idea if people still use EF for that, EVE doesn’t really suffer from the quality loss that you get on youtube as its not fast paced enough for it o really matter, that being said the 1080p videos on youtube seem perfectly fine, most video issues now are caused by low quality videos being uploaded in the first place

I would imagine most people just upload to youtube

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