EvE Production Suite

Greetings fellow Pilots & Capsulers!

Major Update!

Current Versions:
EvE Production Suite Version 1.1.2
EPS Buyback Module Version 1.0

The vision: I have been using third party corporate management tools for a very long time. From SeAT to Auth, and Mining Buddy, Fuzzworks, etc. It’s a great wealth of information and tools out there. The thing is, for a personal setup, it doesn’t work if you can’t spend real money on cloud servers, etc. So the idea is to bring a modulated corporate management suite to everyone for free. To do this I choose to use Google Apps. The backend and first versions will be done in sheets. The second versions and front end will be designed in Sites and Forms to allow an easy to use system for people who hate spreadsheets.

Version History:
EPS v1.0 - Basic Capital Building and layout designs. Basic Corporate ESI Pulls

EPS v1.1 - Cleaned up the layouts of Sheets, Added Structures. Added Budgeting, and Industry Job Tracking

EPS v1.1.2 - Cleaned up some more. Basic bug fixes and layout changes. Added Tier-1 Building. Released first module (Buyback).

Planned Updates:
1.2 will bring production modules and better corporate management to the suite. Should include Tier-2, Tier-3, Fuel Block Production and Jump Freighters to added to the capitals.

1.3 will bring equipment modules to the production sheets

2.0 will bring Google Forms input and Google Sites output.

You can find more information about EPS, as well as see whats next, at our GitHub.

Donations are always welcome and I thank you for checking out the product of all our hard work!

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Version 1.1.2 was just released.

Added Moon Goo, Ice Products, and Gases to Buyback Values
Fixed Bug where Required Capital Components were not showing in Corporate Stock

Coming soon:
Buyback Workbook tie-in to Production Suite
Blueprint Tracking & Cost Calculator
Tier-2 and Tier-3 Hull Production Support
Jump Freighter Production Sheets
Add Industry Jobs to Production Sheets
Add Fuel Block Production

Also with this release is our Buyback Module! Great for Fleet Mining Operations!

Details can be found here:


A couple of observations.

Corporate Stock Sheet - “morephite” is spelled incorrectly. It should be “Morphite”

On Athanor sheet, it appears to incorrectly report that 1 Structure Advertisement Nexus" is required to build 1 Athanor but this is incorrect. On the Citadel Backend Sheet the inputs to Athanor are correct.

The formula in Athanor tab, c4 is incorrect: it is this
vlookup($A$2,‘Citadel Backend’!$A$2:$S$9,3,false)*$C$2

but should be this:

vlookup($A$2,‘Citadel Backend’!$A$2:$S$9,4,false)*$C$2

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@KenFlorian- Opened a ticket on our GitHub for you. Ty

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Issue fixed, see https://github.com/gbrann/EVEProductionSuite/issues/35

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Buyback Module has been released! Please check our github for updates and details!

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