Eve SSO for Wordpress?


Im looking for a free to use plugin EVE SSO login for Wordpress that can have corp/alliance restrictions.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m actually working on something for this. Once completed it’ll be made available through the WordPress repository.

Initially, the SSO plugin will just be a way to grab data from the SSO and not limited to the login screen. This is because my goal for my app will be to allow registered users to import characters and use them vs. using it as a login. This is to account for one person owning multiple characters. Regardless, making WP interact with the SSO server is the first step anyway.

Once that part is done, I’ll be implementing it into the entire user Login process similar to a Facebook login.

@Kevin_Zandowski Nice :slight_smile: let me know if i can help test it.

Any update on this project?

Have you tried this plug in from mini orange?

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