Eve University Graduate w/60k SP Looking for a new family!

Hello all!

I am looking for a new family! My in game name is kamaTayun, and I have a good bit of mining related skills/abilities to offer! Some of these include:

  • Two Orcas with max boosting skills including Mining Foreman Mindlinks in multiple clones

  • Two Porpoise ^^^^^^

  • Two Skiffs, Two Mackinaws, and a Hulk for personal mining use

  • Retriever/Covetor/Procurer fit T1 with T2 mods with them to loan to others as needed

  • Two fully functioning Athanors in Placid with moon mining. One with cloning (Slays), one with reprocessing (Brellystier)

  • Fairly well trained into Precursor ships

  • Ability to do Gallente level 4 missions, and have a Paladin to run them in

  • Ability and skill to fly my Mastodon and Prowler

  • Skilled into Interceptors and some AAF

  • Skilling into a Rorqual and then other capital ships

  • Several things I’m not thinking of right now (LOL)

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hour boosting for others, and I love teaching new players and helping them progress in game.

What I need from a corp would include a strong buyback program to buy all the ore I mine and also to take in the loot from missions, etc. My main drawback is I cannot afford to multibox, and my computer cant really handle even if I could. So I pretty much just fly the above mentioned character using my alts to control my independent corporation that maintains my two structures. I am willing to bring said independent corporation into an alliance if required :slight_smile:

If I sound interesting, please contact me in game or through Discord. I can be found under kamaTayun#4175

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