EveKit migrating to ESI

Greetings All,

EveKit is a web application and online service which maintains a continuously updated copy of your EVE character or corporation data. Now that the ESI is reasonably stable and complete, it’s time to migrate EveKit away from the XML API. In order to avoid any data gaps during this process, new or existing EveKit users will need to add ESI authorizations to their EveKit accounts as described below. ALL EXISTING ACCOUNTS WILL RECEIVE AN EVE MAIL REMINDER TO ADD ESI AUTHORIZATION.

We’ll be migrating EveKit code a few endpoints at a time. With almost 60 endpoints to migrate, we expect the entire process will take several weeks starting the weekend of 2018-01-12. During the migration, we’ll use ESI authorizations for migrated endpoints, falling back to the XML API for non-migrated endpoints. You will be able to add credentials for both the ESI and XML API to ensure that all data is captured during the migration.

ESI scope authorizations can be added from the EveKit Accounts page. Simply click the plus button next to the ESI label as shown below:


You’ll be presented with a dialog allowing you to authorize any or all scopes as appropriate.

If you encounter any problems, feel free to post here.

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Just a small note:
You can use the EveKit accounts in jEveAssets

To make the porting a little easier, I’ve stood up a beta site here. I’ll move endpoints converted to the ESI here first, then eventually to the prod site. If you had an account on the main site, you also have an account on the beta site, but your ESI credentials will need to be refreshed on the beta site (different ESI client key).

I’m working with @Golden_Gnu to make sure a version of jEveAssets is tested against the beta site before any changes are made on the prod site. This should avoid breaking jEveAssets users with data backed by EveKit.

As of today, the following data is now sync’d using ESI on the beta site:

  • Character Account Balance
  • Corporation Account Balances
  • Character Research Agents
  • Character Wallet Journal
  • Corporation Wallet Journal
  • Character Wallet Transactions
  • Corporation Wallet Transactions

Hello, this tool look nice. But is it available on self hosting please?

Yes, everything is open source here: https://github.com/OrbitalEnterprises

It’s a bit of work to setup, but essentially you need to setup the following:

If you give me some time, I can construct a docker image which puts it all together, assuming that works for you.

Greetings All,

After several months of work, all existing EveKit endpoints are now ported to ESI on the beta site, which means it’s time to update the main site. This migration is scheduled to happen on 2018-04-14 starting at 1600 UTC. The update should take about 1 hour. During this time, synchronization will stop and access to model objects may or may not work. Access to the main site will continue to work for things like adding or removing accounts.

As noted in the first post in this thread, after the update you’ll need to add ESI credentials if you’d like your data to continue to be updated. If you do not add credentials, your synchronization accounts will be assigned a dummy ESI credential which will allow non-scoped endpoints to continue to update (namely: public character and corporation sheet endpoints). All other endpoints will cease updating until you add properly scoped ESI credentials.

Some users download their EveKit data into jEveAssets. Post update, those users will need to download a new version of jEveAssets designed to work with the updated EveKit models. Expect an announcement shortly from @Golden_Gnu on when the new release of jEveAssets will be available.

Porting from the XML API to the ESI required substantial changes to some EveKit models. I’ve made my best effort to preserve as much historical data as possible during the port. Nonetheless, a very small amount of historical data will be lost during the update. Important things like the wallet journal and transactions are definitely preserved. You can read about all of the model changes (and potential historic loss) in the porting notes here. Feel free to post if you have any questions or concerns.

During the porting process, a total of 55 separate XML APIs calls were updated to their ESI counterparts. Likewise, 68 separate EveKit models were updated to accommodate ESI changes. And of course all unit and integration tests were updated to verify the changes.

That was fun. Let’s never do this again.


A new version of jEveAssets will be released shortly after EveKit finish the migration to the new data model. I’m hoping that I will be able to do the final fire test and release in about 30-60 minutes after EveKit finish the downtime.

It took longer than I hoped, but this upgrade is now complete. EveKit is forever forward on ESI (yay!).


If you already added ESI authorization to your EveKit account, please login and verify that your tokens don’t need to be re-authorized. Many tokens appear to have expired since the original post a few months ago. I guess refresh tokens have a limit after all.

We ARE working on a mechanism to automatically alert you if your token expires. Expect to see that in a few weeks.

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The jEveAssets release will, sadly, be delayed until tomorrow (CET). So jEveAssets will not work with EveKit until then. Sorry about that :confused:

We’re having an issue refreshing ESI authorization tokens after the update. I’ll update this thread when the issue is resolved.

This issue has been resolved. We have also been able to restore refresh tokens. You may still wish to verify that your ESI authorizations are in place, but if you had a valid token established before you should be fine.

jEveAssets release done. EveKit now works in jEveAssets, again (Once you have updated to latest version) :slight_smile:

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