eveMap2 : Getting started (plea for help :D)

Heya, thanks for being here.

I am having issues getting my environment set up so that I can develop a new mapping tool. My years unused C++/visual studio knowledge, google fu, and memory have failed to produce solutions.

My Plan: I want to develop a map that renders the Eve map in 3d in Unreal Engine.

I am currently trying to start a console project that will allow me to poll the api data from the command line to ensure that the plugin is working first before I start to bridge to Unreal.

I’m using the free version of MS Visual Studio (latest version) and need to get the code to show up in the solution explorer and ensure that it is put where it needs to be so ‘#include <UniverseApi.h>’ works as intended.

Sorry for it being so basic but I have forgotten so much. :pensive:

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