Eve Online Unity 3d map

So I’m teaching myself unity engine and picked to make a 3d version of the eve map.
There are a few issue right now the build drop my shaders. The search box does not work yet have some more coding to get that to work and this is an old version of the map right now will update to the new map with the next bulid.

You can fly around the map by holding ctrl to use the mouse to pan and w,a,s,d for movement.

I will be adding more functions to the app as I get more time but would like some feedback as of right now.


PS thank you Zoiie for the help with google


Dead on arrival.

Why are you making people create accounts on Google for your stuff? Do you get some kind of referral payment for making people create Google accounts?

The link given is not for public use, this link is to bait people into creating Google accounts.

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try this one

Right click and “save link as…” gives a view.html file

Clicking the link gives unzipped view

The only options are


Google drive is account baiting and is not public sharing friendly.

I would suggest using a browser with no account login to test links on shares if they’re accessible or not.

Firefox containers can do this easily as each container is a cookiejar isolated. Alternatively a separate browser completely and/or private mode.

ok it should work now and I’m looking for a new file share after this


Direct download link https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1wYWARo2q4mu83XPlwuez9BjAVybP7QNd&export=download

I think it’s a matter if getting the settings/permissions right, then verifying them with a non-authenticated browser session.

If using firefox I suggest these two add-ons for isolation sessions

If using a chrome based browser that has no container isolation, I suggest a separate browser or private mode (if that is isolated from existing cookies).

It is quite common for people to have multiple browsers installed for this purpose.

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