EVEMon 4.0.11 - ESI Edition

(oehTaToe) #226

Hi Peter,

I’m verry happy to see that the project is getting better and better again :slight_smile: Thank you!

I do still get update errors. The tracelog only shows:

0d 0h 42m 21s > EveMonClient.OnNotificationSent - Error querying the EVE server status. Check EVE server uptime on http://eve-offline.net/

Any clue how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance.



(Kila Tamahine Aldard) #227

Has anyone managed to get it working under WINE? I installed .NET 4.6.2, managed to get EVEMon running, added the developer ID and secret, but it crashes when I click on “Add Character”.

EDIT: Running wine-3.0.1 on macOS High Sierra

(Sun Su-Young) #228

Thanks so much man! I put this off for far too long, I thought it would be hard to get it working but nope, really nice, quick and easy! I can finally make really long plans above the 50 skills in game and easily get them in game etc. <3

(Kila Tamahine Aldard) #229

OK, I figured it out. If I try to add a character in EVEMon running under WINE on my Mac, the application crashes. So I ran EVEMon in a regular Windows installation, added all characters through ESI, and backed up the settings file. I was then able to import the backed-up settings to the EVEMon installation running in WINE, and it successfully added the characters and didn’t crash.

(Luscius Uta) #230

i have noticed that after the latest update, EVEMon is no longer giving me skill completion messages upon start. I am also getting “Error querying [market orders/industry jobs] of [corpname] of [charactername]” notifications.

(Dyver Phycad) #231

Might be unrelated, but I also didn’t receive a Market Order fulfilled notification although between me logging of yesterday and logging back in this morning, an order was completely bought out.

(Dyver Phycad) #232

Are we going to get the option back at some point to create custom characters without skills? I found it quite useful sometimes to have this character to create skill plans on completely empty chars.

(ttt esc Ikkala) #233

http://prntscr.com/k4sg8m Norton gave me this when i dl the Exe

(Giddy McFee) #234

I get that too, I get it with PYFA as well

(ttt esc Ikkala) #235

sry confused. Does evemon have a trojan or is this a false positive

(Giddy McFee) #236

The answer to that would be good to know

(Muija Seuraava) #237

Still waiting for CCP to allow ESI desktop applications without revealing application ID or forcing developers to host proxy servers

ESI is a piece of shlt

(Jotnar TenRaven) #238

EVEMon (4.0.5, 64-bit) is displaying repeat industry notifications for me.

At current count, it’s saying 216— wait, 217 industry jobs completed. When I check the notifications, it’s just page after page of the exact same jobs. Clearing them makes them go away, but they come back next time it updates.

(Rapscallion Jones) #239

Same here

(grenville averti) #240

Thanks for making this but after a few weeks of happy operation I now have problems with updating skill queues. The error is:

API Error:
Erorr querying the skill queue of xxx.
HTTP error: A request to esi.evetech.net failed with status: TrustFailure.

I appreciate this is probably something changing on my computer that it now fails to make a trusted connection, but it can connect to ESI via Chrome and to the game and to CCP’s account pages, all of which require trusted connections, so it must be something EVEMon-specific, I think…

Any pointers as to how to fix this would be appreciated.

(Plaguies) #241

Is there a way to sort the characters ( i have 100 in it ). Would nice to be sorted for max skillpoints or something like that. Cant find an option for that!

(95TSiAWD) #242

so uh how do you use this with multiple accounts? It only lets me use one account in the settings > network areas.

(Dyver Phycad) #243

You just add another character. You use “Add Character” and when the SSO Page loads and you want to add another char from another account, you log off and log in with the other account’s credentials. If you want to add a char from the same account, you just stay logged in. I have more than 5 chars on EVE Mon.

Is it just me or does EVE Mon show incorrect industry job delivery numbers? For some time now, when start EVE Mon and over night a job was finished, EVE Mon tells me I have 2 jobs finished, although only 1 was done. If 2 finished, EVE Mon tells me that 4 finished.

(95TSiAWD) #244

That’s odd but it seems to have worked. Now when I start evemon I get an error about Error logging in to EVE SSO. Go to File > Add character.

It seems to be working though.

(Zachri) #245

It’s just that CCP are slowly packaging up the product. A lively third party tech community presents a problem for that, it’s not exactly an unknown thing in the industry. So you introduce tech evolution, hurdles, and let entropy play its effects. Ultimately you end up with less of it all, which is fine, since you’re catering to a changing audience anyway which only you as a venture developer should be catering to anyway.

There’s a plan. Way of dev heads.