New October 13th 2020 EveMon Update - Can't Download

I have the newest EveMon (4.0.x) and it says there is a new Oct. 13th Update, but when it attempts to retrieve the files, it just sits there, and I have to cancel. Anyone else having trouble?

Dray Cil

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Same here


guys … thats somethign for this thread here:

its not a CCP product … you post in the wrong section …



Yes, having the same problem.

Same problem. No solution.

there is a fix

just dont be as stupid as i was … ggg


Also… This has nothing to do with CCP.

This is a 3rd party tool. So focus on the developers maybe that has already been linked by JuuR.

That’s not a fix. The first version I downloaded was 4.0.17 so it’s not an issue of having a version prior to 4.0.xx. I tried installing 4.0.18 just in case. No change.

Take it up with the developers of EVE Mon then.

There is a fix in another thread

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