EVEMon 4.0.11 - ESI Edition

(Kiana Zero) #266

Hi! Thanks for continuing EVEMon! Much appreciated.
Any plans to add support for Cerebral Accelerators? Maybe by being able to add them into your queue similar to adding remap points, or just manually adding skill points for an adjustable duration of hours?
Thanks for the consideration!

(PingKiller) #267

Hi, i want to wave, that alpha stated player arent still able to add their data into Evemon.

I didnt play more then 5 years Eve and wanting to restart, but seems like CCP asks for developer access etc. which i dont own as alpha player.

As its a chaos for me, i want Evemon present a alpha solution for free player playing.

If there is a way, i just didnt find it myself :frowning:

(Mintoko) #268

Alphas are added on the exact manner as Omegas.

(Telara Shetaan) #269

Hi, I’m a bit confused. the software seems to work fine, but for one critical point. the attribute optimizer suggests I remap to something SLOWER than my current. What’s up with that?Unbenannt

(Tiburon Camacho) #270

Alphas are added on the exact manner as Omegas.

Nope, as Alphas cannot create the Developer API and Evemon requires that to work.

I’m still waiting patiently for CCP to get their stuff together, so that Evemon did not have to require a Developer API to function.

(Mintoko) #271

I have an alpha and it’s working just fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said it.

Edit: Now that I think about it, my Alpha uses the same email address as my two Omegas.

(FunkDooBiesT) #272

Hey I’d like to give some feedback on how I got my accounts into evemon.

Basically you need to log into a account to add it. But then you will have to manually log out from the web site.
After you do this you can add your next account.

It also seemed that some of the training times on alpha accounts are inaccurate but when the timers update from eve they align so very hard to tell whats out and by how much.

I’d like to say that I find this application very useful and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

(Giddy McFee) #273

I am trying to test my characters skill plan time by adding implants to see how that affects the time of the training.

I’ve gone to implant calculator and if I use the up arrow on any of the attributes the number doesnt change so I can only see the training time with my current set.

How can i alter this to show +4 and +5 implants?

Also how do i change the account status of a character?

(Chatarina DeBeers) #274

I really hope an easier way to import characters, or rather ESI API keys, is found than what is currently avaiable in EVEmon 4.0.8. I’m an IT teacher, but even for me that was a hassle. Actually I think this one is more a critique of CCP than EVEmon, however. Should still be possible for third party programs to use ESI easily, and not just online applications.

Edit: Nope, I take that back. It should be fully possible for a program to make ESI integration work without so much pain as currently is in EVEmon. Now my next hope is that someone fixes EFT as well. <3

(Aleksey Rusalo) #275

I have the same problem, maybe the cat can tell what to do?

(Tragot Gomndor) #276

After a little hassle i got it to work, so to me evemon is fine :smiley:
but now the problem:
I cant monitor the accounts of my friends anymore, correct? i would technically have to log in to their accounts, which is a no go.
Does everyone has to create their application something, or can i give the key/secret/data to a friend, so that he does not have to do the same stuff like i did?

(salacious necrosis) #277

EveKit (https://evekit.orbital.enterprises) will do this in the sense that you can ask your friends to register their accounts and then share a data access key with you (much like the old XML api). However, someone would have to modify EVEMon to work with EveKit. Maybe I’ll look into that this weekend. I worked with the Golden Gnu to add EveKit support to jEveAssets, so it’s not completely foreign to do something like this.

(Scary Girlie) #278

HI, I have been using the new ESI version of EVEMon since the old API system crashed eveskillplan.net. I followed the instructions I found on the site with the download and followed them, a little bit of a fiddle but worked first time. I have both Omega and Alpha accounts and it pretty much works for all with the odd delay on updates of information. Good job and well done for your efforts. @Peter_Han

(Rapscallion Jones) #279

Is there a trick to arranging the sort order of my respective character tabs? I’ve tried the obvious (drag and drop) as well as less intuitive crtl+drag alt+drag and shift+drag, however the tabs do not change their sort order. FYI @Peter_Han

(Mintoko) #280

It should just be click and drag, but it’s on the tabs only and not in the overview.

(PingKiller) #281

as soonb as you own 1 omega account on same email as alphas, you can add any character you want…

if there is like me, all on alpha, it isnt load my chars into… so problem is 50-50… ccp + evemon on same parts need to fix this out.

this game is somewhat great, but most importend things, are still not able to get outside the game itself for player to keep-up on track… evemon + evehq were in my history best tools to do so…

evehq is gone, evemon restarted… i hope to find those 2 back active or into alternatives, also a nice killboard for every kill in the game, or only mine… as i am old person, i would welcome it, if someone can write me in private, which tools i can use instead till things are sorted… because, i want to play eve again after 5 years, but without the tools, i cant keep track of anything and would only burn isk or euro :cry:


(Rapscallion Jones) #282

Strange, because I am no longer able to do that. When I click and drag they pop back to their previous locations.

(Anna Egivand) #283

I have tried to get my character loaded but there is always an error while trying to log in to eve online. how does one get this to work correctly and load the characters?
I have updated the program to 4.0.7 and it needs the ESI for the EVE account and not the API.
I get this error:

error “invalid_request”
error_description “The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client”

The funny thing is it is the same!

(PingKiller) #284

Only Omega Accounts do work for now… all other you find on top written

(Dominous Nolen) #285

Industry jobs for any of the triglavian related items (Ammo/Weapons/ships) are not showing up in the industrial job processing list.

Safe for work version does not display icons for navigation in the character screen so you cannot select items beyond a specific list of items when this mode is enabled with out clicking through additional menus. Can the option for safe for work be set to only remove character portraits but leave the nagivation icons?

Normal mode:

Safe for work mode: