EVEMon 4.0.17 - ESI Edition

Yeah i’ve made an application, just wanted to make a skill plan and boom wont work unless it gets load of extra stuff.

So all or nothing, meh

I get this when I try to “Login” and use the ESI Key Import - the list of scopes is getting truncated in the redirect URL.

I didn’t delete my old Evemon and this version picked the old settings and characters up no problems. It even updated the ESI keys once I added them too. It was just about as if the XML API never died.

Getting some smaller errors, for example Brave Newbies Inc. is displayed as Unknown everywhere (with a ID to name error in log). Will that autoupdate later or is there a way to try to force update that?

The account is invalid, because it was never paid, just plexed.
CCP need the IRL information from the customer to become a developer. If you have paid one month via credit card long time ago, your account will be valid! This is restriction from their lawyers, they posted this years ago.

There was an issue with the implants, the values were added 2 times and therefore it was calculated shorter.
Peter Han has corrected this before a few hours. (and not accepted my pull request :wink: … he has rewritten the implant code and not just simply patched it)

You are a legend.

Is there any work around having to paste the developer Key etc.? Because i have never paid for my account in cash and requiring that to run the application from CCP side is a bit unfair, at least to me.

Pretty sure that EVEMon itself can apply for a “blanket” developer key on behalf of everybody once it’s established. That what jEveAssets did.

Industry Jobs don’t seem to work for me.
Currently investigating further details, but one thing seems to be that when parsing the status you are spelling it Canceled while the esi api spells it cancelled. (UK vs US spelling)

Edit: I submitted you a pull request where I fixed everything I could find after hours of debugging Industry Jobs (I started early this morning). (they display now for me)

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The problem is, the developer is ‘liable’ for any malicious acts which take place with the key. That’s part of the dev agreement. So someone could get banned over it.

There are two schools of thought on how to deal with this. One is the jeveassets route, where it’s just been embedded. The other is this route.

(There’s stuff coming in future which may make this less of an issue)

If you’ve never paid, but have a friend who has, who’s willing to trust you, you could get a key from them.

you are my hero for bringing back evemon <3

It can also keep the keys on a server and route the users requests through that one. The client will never store or have access to the dev key.

@Smart_Brother – I assure you, folks wouldn’t accept that. Way too much of a security risk for the user – one of the big reasons that EVEMon was so successful was that it was “offline” as much as possible.

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I am not sure how should I add my second account to EveMon. Any advices please?

you just go to add api. If its still going to the first account click cancel, log in with 2nd account

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Definitely an issue somewhere with Skill Notifications, but other than that all the functionality I personally use is spot on, thank you again!!!


The keys can be selected to deliver only non-sensitive information. You cannot steal an account or even isk if you have only readonly access to the skill queue and wallet.

Of course in the end everything boils down to how much you trust the person you download the program from. A malicious programmer can use that exe file to obtain anything you type on that computer - not only eve account information, passwords etc, but also real life bank accounts and card numbers.