[EVENT] Capsuleer Karaoke at L'Amore!

When: Saturday, 25th April at 1900NEST
Where: L’Amore in Ballo

Come show off your vocal skills, or lack thereof at L’Amore in Ballo! Register on the evening via mail. Dress code relaxed for the evening. House cocktails free!



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You should probably ask for clarification before you assume that means ‘no pants…’


Don’t you shatter my hopes and dreams, woman!

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No nudity!

But if you want to go commando and no one can see it, who am I to judge?


For the record, my usual casual-at-home attire tends toward t-shirts that hang almost to the knee. So no, I was not thinking ‘nudity’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a note: you can still attend even if you don’t plan to sing! Just come along and have fun!

If I end up going, which seems to look like will be the case, you’re going to have to be subjected to my singing.

That said, I apologize in advance for any damage done to peoples’ ears.

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Looking forward to it! Time to flex those cords. Hope there will be more free drinks.

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The specialty cocktail menu is free tonight :slight_smile:

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I was always skeptic about free cheap stuff being an appropriate lure for the wealthy capsuleers, but thanks for proving me wrong.

Any time, friendo!

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