EWAR Battleships

You know what else puts pressure on logi when organized correctly?

Literally every other battleship.

Strange how i can’t find any kills/losses with you in a navy geddon… I really wanted to know about this fit that makes navy geddons not terrible.

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you know except they don’t cycle in 3 ticks with range weapons but why could that possibly be important

Woah woah, i thought we were talking about it being a really good brawler. Now we’re talking about ranged weapons? Its good at everything? Man, you’ve got the best geddon fit that no one else knows about. Otherwise they’d you know… actually get used. So whats that fit?

If you have a group of people who are “organized”, 3 ticks doesn’t matter, what matters is your alpha. If you’re a lone BS in a fleet of other ships, then maybe it matters. Though you even said it yourself, a T1 geddon is more preferred for you nowadays. Maybe cause those 3 ticks aren’t super important to disrupt logi.

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you’re not to great at following a conversation are you

You’re not good at providing a fit or linking a KM that shows this mythical ANI you speak of, where its actually good and not outperformed by everything else.

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E-war battleships could have the bonus to double, or maybe even triple the effectiveness of sensor boosters. No ship has this kind of bonus yet. They probably shouldn’t have any weapon bonus then.

sure… except e-war ships have lower scan res do to them being e-war

however if they were given a bonus (definitely not 3x) to the effect of remote sebos it could be interesting but i don’t like the idea of altering existing ships as the current ones are pretty well balanced. even if someone doesn’t like the navpoc the standard already handles nuets well enough.

andthere still isn’t a role for these not covered by frigs cruisers or faction BBs

Nope. There are cases where that is true, but more often than not, that is simply not true. There does not seem to be a correlation between having EWAR and less scan res unless its an ECM ship or covert OPs.

Minmatar T1:
Bellicose: 375mm
Rupture: 362.5mm
Stabber: 400mm

Result: Bellicose has 2nd highest scan res for an EWAR ship with combat bonuses

Minmatar T2:
Huginn: 378.8mm
Rapier: 302.5mm
Vagabond: 412mm
Muninn: 367.5mm

Result: Huginn has 2nd highest scan res. Rapier is last because of its ability to cloak

T1 Gallente:
Celestis: 362.5mm
Thorax: 350mm
Vexor: 350mm

Result: Celestis has highest scan res in t1 gallente combat cruisers

T2 Gallente:
Lachesis: 337.5mm
Arazu: 288.8mm
Deimos: 337.5mm
Ishtar: 367.5mm

Result: Lachesis and Deimos are tied at 2nd for scan res, with arazu falling last due to having the ability to cloak.

T1 Amarr:
Arbitrator: 356.3mm
Maller: 350mm
Omen: 375mm

Result: Arbitrator has 2nd highest scan res

T2 Amarr:
Curse: 351.3mm
Pilgrim: 296.3mm
Zealot: 382.5mm
Sacriledge: 390mm

Result: Curse/Pilgrim are last

T1 Caldari:
Blackbird: 287mm
Moa: 325mm
Caracal: 337.5mm

Result: Blackbird has the lowest scan res

T2 Caldari:
Rook: 323.8mm
Falcon: 275mm
Eagle: 315mm
Cerberus: 352mm

Result: Rook has 2nd highest scan res behind the Cerb, and as expected, the cloaky version has the lowest scan res.

So no, i wouldn’t say EWAR ships have lower scan res across the board. Some do, but the majority are the 2nd highest as far as scan res goes.

even if someone doesn’t like the navpoc the standard already handles nuets well enough.

You mean the Navy Geddon? Still waiting on that fit, you’re the one who claims its good, the burden of proof rests on you.

andthere still isn’t a role for these not covered by frigs cruisers or faction BBs

Well by that logic, we can dumpster the T1 geddon, because the bhaalgorn already does its job since its range and strength bonused, right?

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… the bhaal is not range bonused the geddon is not strength bonused two different ships for two different jobs

must have been a balance pass at some point, the used to all be the worst other than minmatar

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