Ex Old School Repo Merc. Returning Player. Seeking Mature, fun, tactical PVP

Hello all.

Maybe getting back in the game… My Toon’s been out of commission stuck on 114mil sp for a few years now (born 2006).

I was one of the core members of the once was Repo Industries, flying with friends Hans Gates and others (We were once featured on Eve’s home page & log in screen’s eve news for a mercenary corp interview) …we were pretty effective and had fun doing it.

I love the thrill of the hunt, and tactical, smart PVP and various forms of warfare in coordinated teams.

Also wouldn’t mind a bit of nul sec ratting security for those times you gotta earn a little extra isk. But that’s secondary.

Always been a merc and never gravitated to anything else after. But anything with PVP I have some interest in.

US. Based, single dad, so play style requires some down time and semi relaxed play style. .

Interested in any consistently active corps that almost always have some PVP going on any time of day / hunting targets in multiple areas. etc.

And you’ll need to be a bit patient as I catch up.

Thanks in advance.

Hey welcome back!

Why don’t you Right Click Jump To - RCJT and join our discord. We will tell you more about ourselves and you’ll quickly learn why we are a great fit. Click the discord for more information https://discord.gg/TXPJbqv


Are you still looking for a PvP corp?

take a look at Spacial Awearness , contact me in game by convo or mail
https://discord.gg/dst6x7 = discord link too

Stop by our Alliance page to see who/where we are and pop onto our ingame diplo channel to talk to some corp recruiters.


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