Excel & Planetary Industry

Hi All!

I’m calculating profitability in planetary interaction and I can’t figure out how to calculate in Excel how much will be produced per period (not per cycle).
If you simply multiply the data EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_PLANET(XX;XX).extractors.extractor_product_qty_per_cycle by the number of cycles in the period (let’s say for 1 day it will be 96 cycles), then the data will be overestimated by about 25%. This is obviously due to the gradual decline in material production over the period.
I have to manually enter this coefficient, and this is completely wrong.

Maybe someone knows how to get data into Excel from the Extraction Program of the Extractor Control Unit module? Interested in units extracted - “Avg. Per hour” or “total”? I think they will be closest to reality.

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I would also like to know this…