Just a PI?

I have multiple colonies setup with different characters so I’m not completely clueless, but I have one colony that I can not figure out. I am extracting reactive gas and making oxidizing compound. I have three extractors that are getting 167.1 165.4 166.8. Before I hit submit it shows an average of 13297 units per hour. When I hit submit it drops to 5236 units per hour. So what am I doing wrong? The funny thing is if I move the extractors to where it shows I am getting less the average per hour is higher than I get now.

Before you hit submit and start the extraction process the number it shows is only an estimate. The estimate is an average throughout all of it’s duration, when you then hit submit it will show the exact units that’s being extracted during the active cycle. So if your cycle time is 15min the actual units/hour would then be 20944 and will change according to the graph it showed when setting it up.

The extraction time is 24 hours. And if it is an estimate, which I am not disagreeing with, it is a really bad one as it is off by 8061 units. Also I 8 characters doing PI with at least 5 planets per character and out of 40 extractor control units this is the only one that is like that.

When you setup the extraction program, it estimates average per hour across the entire program. When you start the program it switches to current cycle output and the extraction cycle is 30 minutes so the estimate per hour should be roughly double the actual per cycle.

The further your PI skills are from V , the further these estimates are from accurate.

I agree with what you guys are saying but I have never seen it that far off. Plantology IV and Advanced Planrtology IV.

another thing to check is to make sure that you are not overlapping with other peoples colonies. (right click on planet, show other characters networks)
it won’t show you where the extraction heads are, or even if those colonies are being used regularly. but you can take a fairly educated guess based on their layout what they are doing with it. afaik if someone has extractor heads that overlap with yours it will reduce your extractions.

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