There is something wrong... Why 2 diferents values in same time?

Hi there, Im seein’ a strange behavior in PI, when I set up a time to PI extraction I got 2 diferents numbers, Im out about 1y, is this ok? or its a bug ( visual or something like that)? Thanks

Before accept

Is this a “Preview” from the next time? Or just a bug?

Thanks for all help.

After moving the extractor and before commint the changes.
Captura de tela de 2022-09-28 13-34-05|690x239

The numbers before clicking “Start Extraction” are just a rough estimate. After you click “Start Extraction” you’ll see the actual numbers you’ll be mining. This is because of imperfect skills. The numbers are the same if you have both the Planetology and the Advanced Planetology skills at V

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