Can someone please tell me wtf is with the PI interface?

So you can click on a certain resource and it will give you a projected readout
then you enter the order and the actual payout is much lower
this is stupid, the interface is lying to me, just look at this sample image


its what you get for having only two extractor heads out…

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that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the interface lying about how much each one will be extracting


Im not so sure…

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What can you not be sure about?

In submission screen, extractor says 20k unit per hour. hit submit button. Extractor says its getting 11k. That’s a pretty substantial difference and not reflected in the interface.

I do get it that PI was coded by a monkey over 10 years ago who probably quit/got fired or whatever, but this cannot possibly have made it through testing phase without being noticed.


IDK… all I see is a picture with two different outputs, I have no idea if they were back to back or one is after another… plus I think you get more if you use all ten extractors. :smiley:

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Read the skill descriptions. The Planetology skills help you resolve resources on planets. What you see is an approximation of what is actually there with errors of a scale that depends on your skills. So it shows you the peak in one place, but the peak actually is somewhere else nearby. Since you missed the peak, your payout is lower than expected.

The only way to bring the picture closer to what the resources really are is to further train your planetology skills and to mess around with extractor heads to find where that peak actually is by launching a process repeatedly.

Yes, it’s terrible, but it’s intended that way. If they gave you the exact map of resources, there would be no point in training skills and no variation (which might well be better, but not what was intended :/)


There are a few things you can do to more accurately pinpoint a “Peak” resource site:


Open the Scan [1] section and adjust the sliders [2] and [3] until you get White/Red areas, white marks the area with highest resources, the Spectrum (Best to worst) is: White - Red - Yellow - Green - Blue. Move [2] left until White areas appear of your preferred size and move [3] right to increase the scan precision, look around the Planet to find a good location and start building your “Operation”

Skills that increasing the Scan Resolution:

  • Planetology - Enables slider [2] and increases it’s accuracy with level.
  • Advanced Planetology - Enables slider [3] and increases it’s accuracy with level.

Example 1 - Scan Resolution with Planetology L4

Example 2 - Scan Resolution with Planetology L4 and Advanced Planetology L4


When you setup your program the estimate is average yield per hour over the duration of the program.
When you look at the running program, it will show the actual yield for the current cycle (30 minutes). It should be roughly half the average per hour for the program.

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The OP has a screenshot of a one hour extraction, before and after launching it. Both state “Per hour” and “Total”, which of course match since it is only one hour long. The before and after launch numbers do not match though.

I’m pretty sure you are talking about something else…

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Even if he is, the OP has a pretty blatant display of a lack of understanding regarding PI.

Dude nobody cares about your own grief with OP.

When you have nothing worth it to add, don’t ever start answering.
I reported your post for aggression.

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That seems like an overwrought reaction

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