PI questions (strange numbers)

Hi, I’m new to PI and I was wondering where some of these numbers come from. I have two questions that keeps bothering me and if someone with a lot of experience in PI could help it would be amazing ;D

I’ll put some basic configuration just to simplify the examples:

For the first question, I have an extractor with 1 head on a 1 hour program, the extractor output says that for the first cycle the amount will be 1168 units . However when I try to route it to the launchpad, the max amount routed can be of 1324.

So, where does this number comes from? I have no cycles with that high amount, I tried with other configurations and sometimes this number can be the double of the actual amount i’m actually getting. And it gets really confusing when its routed because the launch pad will show that your income is those 1324, which is incorrect.

The second question is about the extractor too, the configuration is the same, 1 extractor with 1 head set up to 1 hour long program.
When you’re in the extractor window, you can see the heads on the left attached to this “Raw output quality index” number. My question is, how does this number relate to the actual amount of material you’re getting?

I tried several things and it’s even possible to get a higher amount of material with lower numbers in the heads, for example here and here .

I would greatly appreciate any info on this :slight_smile:

Won’t be a direct answer because I don’t see exactly what you’re describing on my setup.

  1. The survey window reports units of P0 per hour. This is an estimate and the accuracy depends on your planetology skills. The Extractor control unit window reports current cycle output - 30 minutes - which will be roughly half the number you see in the survey window.

  2. Link capacity is independent of program output. You can upgrade the links if you’re harvesting more than they can carry. Keep them as short as possible - they use a lot of power.

I’ll assume you are working in highsec, intend to sell the product you’re making and are hoping for this to be mostly passive income:

  • Make P2. Most can be made on a single planet with very low maintenance. Update your programs every couple of days and harvest every couple of weeks. Prices and yield will vary but expect at least 10K ISK/unit and you should average at least 1000 units/week for a highsec planet with level 4 skills.

  • Train Customs Code Expertise. This will reduce the NPC component of the export tax. With level 4 you should have no problem finding good planets with export tax in the 9-11% range.

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Planetary_Commodities will help you see how the pieces fit together. Commodities like Transmitters (Lava), Coolant (Storm), Construction Blocks (Lava), Mechanical Parts (Barren) and Superconducters (Storm) are easy to make and widely used in T2 manufacturing and fuel blocks.

Thanks for the tips, but doesn’t answer my questions, I’m not talking about the difference about the scans because of the different levels of Planetology. What I’m talking about is about the difference on what the extractor shows on the output and what it is displayed when you route it.

Like here you can see that my extractor output is 1168 units, being th highest in the program. But it lets me route 1324 units for some strange reason.

And routed to my launchad, it tells me that the income is those 1324 units but i’m actually getting 1168.

This happens with any configurations and amounts, it always show a higher amount when you route it. I don’t know if it is a bug or some prevention measure or what…

And about the second question just look in the screenshots at the number in the extractor heads and the total amount extracted at the end of the program. it doesn’t make sense.

I’ll have to admit that I’ve never tried to analyse it at that level. I harvest 2 P0 commodities on each highsec planet and try to balance my extractors to get as close to 12000 units of each per hour as I can without going over. Since the program is front end loaded, this will keep my 4 basic and 2 advanced processors busy without accumulating a lot of low end material in the launchpad. It works. In nullsec I can harvest 18000 units of P0/hour and keep 3 advanced processors busy but highsec planets aren’t rich enough for that.

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