Extraction graph of PI doesn't match

hi guys, sorry but this is the closest forum i can find about PI.

im quite new and have the basics figured out,
i’ve noticed however, when setting up the extractor programs,
the (material gain) graph showed Before i start the program DIFFERS
from the graph After the program started running.

and thus the gain per hour is totally off of what i planned.

i mean i could see a gain peak around 3 hours when setting it up,
after i click start it was like peak in the first hour and falls FLAT for 3 hours straight.
-complete different graph

does this have to do with some planetary skill level or something?
cos im quite new as you can see

thanks and cheers,

It is normal for the beginning of the PI pull to be best at the start of cycle and then drops off as the cycle works. Regardless of the length of time cycle is set for. It spikes at start and will flatten out.

Yes skills make a difference when starting cycle. Your planet scanning skill (the skill that shows the hotspots) gains accuracy the higher skill level. I have never noticed a variance though when I am reading the numbers before I hit enter. It may be that way at lower skill level tiers. Its been awhile.

Hope that helps.

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