PI extracter output

Hi I was wondering how the extractor output of PI scalles when setting longer extracer times.
Is the slope of the graph changing or is the graph just shorted? I set my extracter time once in the two days now but i see that sometimes i am to late with resetting them, which is a pitty. has anyone ever investigeted this?

LOL, the answer is “Yes, most probably.”

EVE Uni has some basic info. If you want to go deeper, I recommend another section than Newbro forums, like Industry.

How can someone be too late in PI? The next turn always comes next, there’s plenty ways to trial and error.

Not a definitive source of info, but …

  • Each area of a planet has a certain amount of ‘stuff’.

  • If you extract at a high rate, you will empty that area really quick, and may find you need to rebuild and move elsewhere. Some people are okay with this.

  • If you extract at a lower rate, the ‘refill’ rate, can prevent the area from becoming empty as quick.

Some planets are so rich that the refill rate can have a big impact, but you can still leave scorched land behind with a really high extraction rate.

There might be some rate efficiency factor built-in to all this, but I never really took note.

I typically do 3 or 4 day cycles for ‘normal’ extraction, and longer when I’m being really lazy. On most planets, it seemed okay for longer times before moving the whole setup. The planets it was too fast for were usually trash anyways.

Planetology and Advanced Planetology skills help get a better idea of where stuff is located, but if you don’t mind moving the heads around a lot, you can also find decent pockets.

However, the final extraction numbers once you hit ‘go’ are a complete mystery as to where they come from. I prefer to think of them as a reference from good to poor, and not dwell on the exact numbers. What ends-up being extracted at the end is all I care about.

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