PI Cycle Times

I am in the process of setting up my PI. The main thing for me, as I have quite a lot of planets is that I do not want to move the extractor heads often, Ideally only moving them once every 2 weeks would be ideal.

I currently do 2 day cycles and I can get away with leaving them in place for 1 reset before feeling like I need to move them. So that means I am moving them every 4 days.

Has anyone found a sweet spot for cycle times that allows you to leave it at least 2 weeks before resetting their position.

Do you take much notice of the total number of units listed under the extraction number? These are my PI skills


Personally, I use a 6 day cycle. The first days over harvest, the next days farm enough to cope with the demand and the last days empty the storage.

For my six days setup I use 1 launch pad, 1 extractor and 3 basic processors. For 2 weeks you probably need a storage silo as the launch pad won’t be enough.

I also only rarely change the actual extractor spot and only slightly move the harvester heads around because they heads have a huge range depending on the planet radius.

That’s my typical setup.

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This is my 110 planet setup (10 production, 100 harvesting) in our wormhole. I only move the heads once in a great while, 7 day extraction cycles, emptying the POCO every 2 weeks. The production planet gets refilled in space every 7 days (refilling while docked after the first batch of 4 x 22000 runs empty).

There is more quicker ways, but I’ve found that you run the risk of sucking the planet dry and having to put forth a lot more effort for a little isk gain.

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Thanks @Zhalyd_Lyehin very informative and with a few tweaks I can alter mine to something similar. Do yuo use 10 heads per extractor?

@CowRocket_Void wow, 110 planets, you must have the patience of a saint, even with 7 day cycles. One question though, I dont know how many actual planets in your WH but do you not find that all your characters are competing with eachother for hotspots?

Thank you both for your responses.

I pull from the same 5 planets, there is a few characters that pull from the same spot, but its doesn’t hurt that much. As long as I’m averaging 150 per head its OK for me. I generally use the top setup with each extractor having 6 heads for a total of 12.

I found that this is the best isk/effort for me. 2 hours a fortnight, 20 mins once a week. 5-8b/mo depending on market

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OK, thanks, I was trying to avoid the same spots on the planets. I have redone some of my PI to 7 day cycles and ill monitor it for a bit to see how things go. That is a decent amount of ISK too,

I am in NPC Null so probably are not going to get the same yield as you, ill eventually have 36 planets with maybe 2 or 3 as factories. If I can get 1.5/2b a month ill be happy.

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