🌟 Exceptional Starship Sale! Rorqual & Phoenix Navy Issue

Greetings, Capsuleers!

Step right up for the deal of the century! We’ve got two top-notch ships, each a marvel of modern technology, priced to fly straight into your hangar:

  • Rorqual for 6 Billion ISK

    • Location: Antem VI - Amarr Civil Service Bureau Offices
  • Phoenix Navy Issue for 5 Billion ISK

    • Location: Ishomilken IX - Moon 14 - Perkone Factory

Condition: Pristine!:gem:

:stars: Special Offer: Competitively priced for the discerning buyer. For more details or to make an offer, please contact me directly on the forums or via in-game mail.

Fly bold, Capsuleers!