WTS Rorqual in SOLD

Triglavien Nalvula


How much you looking for this?

I dunow $15 bil maybe not sure the price of anything it that sysm :man_shrugging:

I mean normal price is around like 5bil, so how about 6bil?

No that is to low for the special place like Triglavien space

I mean it will be tombstoned in the station. I don’t want all the mods or cargo just the hull if that helps

rorqs in poch normally go for 8-10b, dreads 9-11b, carriers 5-6b

they aren’t as rare as you think they are, the higher end ones are sold in systems that arn’t drowning in captials (otanuomi, tunudan and nalvula are)

I mean there’s one In skarkon right now for 9bil that’d be as high as I would go

Bump up

15 Bil bump

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