WTS 3 x Rorquals in Heimatar

As above, 3 x Rorquals Fitted With 2 T2 and 1 T1 Drone Mining Augmentor 5.2b Each

11b offer

Price is 5.4b each, can have 2 for 10.8b if you want


Still For Sale


Still For Sale

Cheapest in the game.

13bil for all 3 :slight_smile:

13.123bil for the trio

@ Crusader Hellsing @ Edi Belle

The cheapest hull price is 5.4b never mind rigs and I’m already under that and not going any lower.

just keep bumping :slight_smile: goodluck

problem is, those rigs are worthless now, since excavators got the big ole nerf bat. Rorqs are better for super tackle and heavy neut over actual mining. So the mining rigs are very meh

@PixyWarrior_Ellecon Thats why i never factored the rigs into the price and im selling the hulls 150m below market price.


13.5 bil

Still For Sale.