Selling 2x Nyx, 1 HEL, 4x Rorqual

(Trade Gis) #1

Selling 2 Nyxes and 1 Hel.

  1. Nyx comes with Capital Trimarks T2 and a bit of fuel --> SOLD
  2. Nyx comes with LARGE Trimarks T2 and a bit of fuel --> SOLD
    Hel comes with T2 Hyperspacials and a bit of fuel --> 16B
    3x Rorqual comes with 2x T2 and 1xT1 Drone Mining Rig --> SOLD

all are located in Aunen Keepstar

(Trade Gis) #2

-1 Rorq
To the top

(Tiddle Jr) #3

sent you evemail.

(Trade Gis) #4

@Tiddle Jr you got an answer

(Trade Gis) #5

Rorqs are sold - Rest still available.

500Mio Discount today

(Trade Gis) #6

Push . .

(Trade Gis) #7

to the top

(Trade Gis) #8

TO THE TOP again

(Trade Gis) #9

new prices - cmon

(Trade Gis) #10


(Polaris Lazair) #11

any chance of a delivery?

(Trade Gis) #12

where do you need it?

(Trade Gis) #13

Bump still available.
Talk to me

(Polaris Lazair) #14


(Trade Gis) #15

Ahahahaha - no way :smiley:
I mean: sorry Sir, this is not possible Sir.

edit: +5b for delivery and I do it on your own risk :wink:

(Alexset Bath) #16

interested in hel, shoot me ingame mail

(Trade Gis) #17

contacted you ingame

(Trade Gis) #18

No raction from Alexset_Bath - but Hel reserved at the moment for someone else

Nyx Prices lowered a bit again - just take it now
cheapest public is 18.5B

(Trade Gis) #19

Bump - 1 Hel with Rigs still for sale

(system) #20

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