ExoPlanet and BioSecurity Skins for Sale and Magical Activation

Hello, fellow Capsulers!

As the title states, I sell ExoPlanet and BioSecurity ship skins on the market, lots of them.

If you happen to be a collector or know someone who is, these skins are available for almost every ship. So you could have an entire matching fleet decked out in ExoPlanet or BioSecurity wrap! HAHAHA…not funny? Okay cool, whatever.

Anyway, I have a huge stock and although I do sell them on the market I would like to make them available in bulk here. If you are interested in a whole fleet pack or just many orders of a particular kind I would love to make them available to you. If you are new to this whole ship skin wrap thing you don’t need to fly anywhere to activate them. Once they are purchased just go to your personal assets, find them, right-click them and activate.

If you are interested message me in-game and we can chitty chitty chat chat.

Gracelia McFall

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