Expected resource update?

When are they….

ending the resource scarcity and putting ore back in all sec space?

The rorqual and orca buffs?

Is there a date that anyone knows of?


I sure hope that CCP doesn’t buff these ships and instead fixes their issues.


Q4-isn’t that soon?

Some time in November™

I wouldn’t hold your breath on that wish. While they have said they will end scarcity, they have not said how they will do that. I would be surprised if they just roll back the changes.

does not need to happen…

The mining ship rebalance is going to be a nerf to all ORE ships, just have to wait to see how bad they are hit.

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ore amounts will go up and rats will stop mining it all but the ore distribution is here to stay

pretty sure these are getting nerfed at least the amount they can mine on their own is.

and end of Q4 is when


Q4 ends in 10 weeks, and we have not seen a dev blog or SiSi testing on this yet. Seems like a big change for them to use the typical dev blog on Thursday, release on Tuesday process.

I guess technically there are 11 more Tuesdays this year if they keep to the Tuesday release process.

Q4 is not quarter 4 but quadrant 4.

lol, so Quandrant 4 is “Whenever we can be bothered to release something”?


Directly from the July Update;

Scarcity firmly ends in Q4 2021 with additional resources as well as player choice for what resources to distribute in your sovereign space. While the full details will not be shared here today, here’s a small glimpse into what you can expect to see in this update:

  • Increased quantity of all resources across New Eden
  • Introduction of moon goo and gas compression
  • A balance pass for all mining ships
  • Additional specialized holds for gas and ice
  • Rework of the industrial index including greater choice over the distribution of resources

So regardless if Q4 is Quarter 4 or Quadrant 4, there are 11 Tuesdays left in 2021, which is when all this is supposed to happen.

and i probably wouldn’t expect to hear anything more than 2-4 weeks out

That’s what I am worried about, a balance pass on all mining ships being done with little notice and less public testing.

It would tickle me to my bones if they left rorq and orca off since they are not actually “mining ships”


i mean they gave us what a week to show us they were going to wreck the character sheet?

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The character sheet is a UI, its appearance is meaningless to the game.

All mining ships are the base of the entire player created economy. They screw this up and less resources and fewer miners; leading to worse economy; leading to less players in general.

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If I had to speculate as a miner and occasional builder I have a hunch the ores will stay where they are. CCP will likely buff the ore amounts in belts and restore ore anoms again. Pure speculation.


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This is worse news, not better. This means we are down to between 3-7 Tuesdays till release with no news yet.

again… its like you haven’t dealt with CCP before.