Experience null-sec with Grey Templars

Grey Templars is experienced null-sec corporation, member of the DARKNESS. alliance and part of the Dead Coalition. We live in Deklein, enjoying the resources region offers.

Our membership is most active during EU and US time-zones, and usually someone is logged in almost any time. Alliance and coalition are active around the clock. Pilots in all time-zones are welcome. Corporation language is English.

We are looking for more pilots to strengthen our ranks in all areas required for independent life in sovereign null-sec.

Most important requirement for staying independent is the will to defend your home against any adversaries. This is accomplished by following corporation and alliance guidelines to become a well trained and skilled combat pilot. You will be flying all types of ships, fighting in small gangs, in variable size alliance fleets and in major coalition brawls clashing with the most powerful entities of New Eden. Once settled in, special groups will be available for even more combat.

Another vital activity is to keep yourself funded, which is accomplished by the many ways available in null-sec. You can set up industry operations, like mining and manufacturing, go exploring or dive into numerous anomalies with your deadly firepower.

For experienced pilots we offer all the activity and services sovereign null-sec alliance can provide, and for newer pilots looking for pure null-sec experience all the support you ever need to become one of us.

We expect you to be active, well-mannered and fully adapting into null-sec and alliance culture to achieve common goals.

Basic requirements to get started are Omega account and ability to fly a nullified interceptor of any race. Background checks will be made for all applicants. You need also speakers and microphone to be able to communicate in fleets.

Please stop by in our in-game recruitment channel “GRTP Public” to have a chat.

“Aim for the impossible and you will achieve the improbable.”

Ps. You can have a life too…

Null-sec, like no other :rofl:

Sovereign null-sec has largest amount of activities available. We offer them all :sunglasses:

Get your real life in New Eden started. Apply today.

Get the life you deserve. Contact our recruiters today.

Here we go again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Come get some null-sec goodliness.

Our friendly bump for pilots seeking active life in New Eden.

Comprehensive alliance and coalition logistics network and freight services in place for easy traveling and transportation of goods.

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I am really new, and curious if I can join. I am not a full time gamer, and is locate in Vancouver, Canada. I am a good shooter in CSGO like games, and is known to be pretty loyal to the alliances / clans I join…
I am really looking forwards to a clan who can help me absorbed into this game! :slight_smile:

Hi Ara, welcome to EVE.

For a character as young as you seem to be, we recommend getting experience about null-sec by joining for example EVE University, a corporation specialized in teaching the basics of EVE to new players. Their web-site can be found here.

You also have to meet our basic requirement of being able to fly an interceptor, which makes life in null-sec much easier. Another thing is the need to fund yourself, which requires bit of experience too.

We are ready to welcome you once you have gained some experience and knowledge about EVE universe, and you know you want to have a life in null-sec, a choice which is as challenging as it is rewarding.

I wish you good luck, and hope to see you in null-sec soon :sunglasses:

This may be the corporation you are looking for…

Life, the final frontier.


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Do you hear the stars?

They whisper.

“Come to us.”

“We are waiting.”