Experienced wormholer looking for a home


My names Cyn and i haven’t had a drink in- oh wait. wrong chat.

I started my EVE Online career in Jspace and have called it home ever since. My main has 20m SP distributed mainly in scanning, pvp/pve (Drones, Missiles and projectiles ) and I’m a Huffer by trade I can fly a T3C and a T3D on my main among other useful ships like Scalpels and Basilisks cov ops, I’m fairly versatile. I have an Orca Alt (7.8m SP) that serves as my mobile base of operations when I take extended trips into the void and an additional prospect alt. I am active during US TZ

What I can offer:

-An enthusiastic member not needing to be babysat and have my hand held.
-Knowledge of Jspace to further the knowledge of others. IE: I don’t mind helping newbies.
-A half ass trained LC. I was in training when my last corp fell apart.
-Content Scout. I scan A LOT and see many players in a day.
-A member wanting Frozen Corpses not just an isk farmer. Always down to blow ■■■■ up!
-A chill dude wanting some friends to kill new friends with

What I hope you can provide:

-An established hole with good PVP/PVE opportunities
-Blood thirsty members
-A RL First attitude. I’m married and have a 5 year old daughter. Sudden AFKs will be possible if not common with me. but unless it’s an absolute emergency I would not leave anyone hanging.
-Reasonable Doctrines
-Issued fleet ships for Home Defense or some kind of SRP
-A buyback program for when PVP is not an option.

If I sound like a good fit in your Merry Band of Pirates please feel free to contact me in any form that is convenient to you.


Edit: extra info and typo

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