Explain the voting system more prominently

this being the first CSM i got to vote in i dove into the campaign sites as well as the talking in stations interviews with the candidates. Would have also listed to Jintaan if i had noticed his interviews earlier. However I think in the end i voted for a great selection of candidates.

This morning however I tuned into declarations of war and learned that the election system doesnt actually give you 10 votes. Instead you apparently have one vote which changes if your first choice doesnt get in.

I know I am sometimes a bit slow, but I think thats the kind of information that should be displayed on the voting page.

Cheers and thanks for the hard work

It’s a little more complex than that.

If your candidate is elected, a fraction of your vote passes to the next person on your ballot. There’s a quota to get elected, (total votes/(Candidates+1))+1. When someone’s elected, a fraction of a vote passed down. If they have double the votes required, that’d 50% of a vote. (which goes down from everyone.)

As for the rest, there was a video on the devblog?

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Thanks for your feedback and the explaination!
I just found the video you mentioned https://youtu.be/06JPsJ4EQ1E?t=91. I googled a bit more and at least CSM 11 had a mentioning of the modified Single Transferable Voting system prominently in the blogpost
I looked for that information on the CSM voting site displayed in the video above.

Again, mea culpa I could have watched the video, I just think such information is important enough for the process to have or link to it somewhere on the page, even if its just a one liner in the general description of the CSM.

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