Exploits in Corp Projects

Just so everyone knows, if you wanna screw over your corp, CCP allowed an exploit through with their latest update. (shocking right?)

For manufacturing corporations out there that are thinking about using the manufacturing project with a reward. Think again!
After doing some basic testing we decided to make a corporate project for players to create 10 station containers on behalf of the corporation. We gave a title the appropriate roles in order for this to happen. As well as stocked one of our hangers with the needed materials in order to do so. We also gave a 100 isk reward for every job.

What we found is if players start the manufacturing job. The project claims that they completed one of the assigned tasks, and they can claim their reward. However, what we also found. Is that the player can then STOP the job. (thus deleting the material) and immediately start another job. The project will still track that they have completed the job, and they will be rewarded again for starting another.

Moral of the story. If the manufacturing time is too long and you just want the money, just start a job claim the money cancel the job and start another. Do this until you have claimed all the isk out of the rewards, and then you dont have to worry about really using any of your manufacturing slots. THANKS CCP!

The fix to this would be simple. Dont allow them to claim the reward until that job has officially been completed. -OR- Dont allow people to stop a job that they started on behalf of the corporation until its completed (Afterall if its on behalf of the corporation most likely its not their material being used, just their slot.)


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