Export in-game calendar

Is it somehow possible to export the in-game calendar to something like Outlook / Google Calendar?

If not, how do you view your upcoming in-game events while you are not logged in and don’t have access to an EVE client? Is it still possible on the website, or what mobile/desktop apps would you recommend?

Has anyone successfully done calendar sync to Outlook/Google via the API, and are there apps/guides/etc. available for doing this?

Like we say, Google is your friend.
After a bit “googling” found those links, perhaps you can find some more infos about it.

(the last section gives an option to add the calendar in outlook but i dont know if it’s still up to date)

  • a post in reddit with the same question - 6 years old :slight_smile:
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Thanks. Not helpful, unfortunately.

The article on EVE Uni (which I also found) only explains how to export a calendar on their website. That’s not the calendar I’m looking for.

The Reddit post links to a wiki which hasn’t been updated since 2012 and is probably outdated. But I didn’t want to delve into the API for this anyway…

I’m going with this app now. Not ideal, but at least I can now see the calendar outside the game.

BTW: Google is only your friend if you are paying them for their services.


bump to the top as this hasnt been answered and i’d like to know too.

I use CCP’s app that you can find in the appstore

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