Extended Downtime Notification - 20.10.2020

Hello, everyone,

Tranquility had a little hiccup when starting up this morning and our daily downtime took a few minutes longer than the standard 15 minutes we allocate. The server is now back online accepting connections but we wanted to let you know the duration was not intended.

I hope this did not cause too much inconvenience!

Fly safe o7


1st all good :slight_smile:

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This did not spark joy :frowning:

When are you going to address mineral belts in 0.0 not spawning a single rock at all?

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Well, something clearly did not go as expected with this hickup. When I jump systems, People and Places takes an awful long time to load bookmarks. The window remains empty with a spinning wheel for a few seconds. Closing and reopening P&P does the same.

LOL. “Extended” 15 minute downtime. An extended downtime used to be, like, two days.


And what about yesterday’s hiccups 1 hour before DT (09:22-09:30)? Are you going to admit it? Or are most of the players having problems not related to the server?

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For the whole week people are talking about:

  1. New font is shitty, return the old one or at least give the opportunity to choose the font.
  2. Return CONTEXT MENU RESIZING option.

CCP whole week: Maybe it will go away?

The CSM is still working on the red dot.

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