[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 15 April 2021

Hello, everyone,

We will have an extended downtime tomorrow, Thursday 15 April to perform routine maintenance on our database. Tranquility live server will be restarted a few times during that process and we expect to start accepting connections by 11:30 UTC at the latest.

Please plan your gameplay sessions accordingly. Thank you!



11:22 UTC
Everyone, things are looking good. Thanks a lot for your patience today - Tranquility is back accepting connections!

Fly safe o7

11:01 UTC
Good day! The extended downtime has started and we should be back in about 30 minutes. I will keep you posted if it looks like we can finish sooner or need a bit more time.

Thank you.


lets hope this is to fix the DCing issues that are plaguing the game atm, was DC’ed 3 times in less than 5 minutes during a skirmish, not cool CCP, a few bugs to fix tonight.


At first I was thinking “DC? Not that irritating”… then I read farther down your message… yeah, during combat, nothing else in this game could be more frustrating!
Let’s hope this fixes the problem you’re facing (I have yet to DC, but I just mine and explore, not entered true combat - PVP or much NPC), I’m wondering if it’s large combat resource use that is crashing their server or something.
I’m rooting for you (as a sister pilot).


wasnt a resource issue, there was only 20-30 on grid, it came up with a Bad address message when i was trying to login so something else is going on, ive never seen that before, also having other corp mates DC all day yesterday to the point where they just didnt undock. all happening since the update the other night.


Thank you very much CCP Dopamine, I admire your honesty and think that you are very brave for sharing this information with us.


ccp dapmain could you tell ccp to translate the game into spanish pls


You mean PCM Dopamina.


even though this time it could be a server side problem though i didn’t have an issue all day that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there but it isn’t always a server side problem

i had a similar issue a little while back and i cleared my PC’s cash and rebooted and the problem went away, try that it might help :slight_smile:

Find someone willing to volunteer their time translating the game, correctly and keeping it updated

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had an issue this morning where I was doing exploration and upon opening a container, it would say hack failed (at various stages, once even when I first activated the module) while I had plenty of strength and cohesion left. also saw chat disconnect issues yesterday…

Hopefully the patch will fix that?

Having the same issue today. Normally I don’t DC. But after the latest patch I have been randomly disconnecting from the game. It already happen on a gate and I logged back in dead.

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Will part of this maintenance also address fighters disconnecting and/or just plain disappearing?

Strange. I never had that issue. But I have been offline for almost 2 days because of sickness so I dont know lol

When does the downtime start?

Same time it starts every day. 11:00 UTC… aka 11am EVE time…

Normaly i dont get DCs,had one Time 2 Days ago with 2/3 Accounts at same Time, nothing to worry about for me…most annoying Thing for me is the Stargate Soundbug i get everytime i jump through it,the Sound is in Loop all the Time til turning off and on again the whole Sound

To me is looks like the new data site loot hasn’t been populated correctly. Or all I found was data sites populated with the old loot still? (or chances are super low for the new stuff)
Please confirm.

is anybody taking bets on how many emergency reboots we will have this afternoon? :confused:

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Hello. I was scanning a lost MTU and while in the d-scan the name showed correctly, at the probe scanner window the name was the general “Mobile Tracking Unit”. I realised the problem and after visiting 2 MTU’s i found mine as the third one. I should have noticed the correct distance combining the readings from d-scan and probe scan but i remember that the name showed in the probe scanner also.