[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 3 March 2021


There will be extended downtime of 20 minutes tomorrow, Wednesday 3 March, to perform maintenance on our live chat and game database. This is routine work, and no game content changes are planned. We expect Tranquility to start accepting connections by 11:20 UTC at the latest but will let you know if anything changes.

Keep an eye on this thread or EVE Status Twitter for updates.




11:30 UTC
The second reboot was successful and Tranquility is now accepting connections. Thanks again for bearing with us. Fly safe and have fun out there, Pilots o7

11:26 UTC
The start-up did not go according to plan. We will need another reboot to get things in order again. Thank you for your patience, everyone!

11:16 UTC
All services in the green. We are starting Tranquility in the VIP mode for the last round of checks before letting everyone in.

11:00 UTC
Good day,

The extended maintenance has started. Grab a snack, something to drink and we will see you in 20 minutes :slight_smile:


Hi @CCP_Dopamine I have recognized a couple of disturbing database issues lately:

  • Not able to search for certain names, e.g. Kinakka (bug report filed weeks ago)
  • Yesterday I was permission denied searching in my own ACL for 30min or so until it started working again
  • Also I was not able to move a player character into my ACL (others no issue). Apparently it was already in the list but not shown
  • plus the ACL log showed weird things, people I never moved in, and others in there not shown
  • Lots of chars don’t show portrait images in local/fleet, but show when clicked, and not show again when clicking “full body”

Clearing cache and restart doesn’t help. It even made the character portrait thing worse.


I had similar issues in the past few days too. When I search them using the new eden search tool some names do not show any results.


I confirm that this issue exists . There are multiple system names that if you type them in New Eden Search tool , you get no results . I have made a bug report about two months ago about this.

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The hamsters need changin.


Yep, confirming. About a week ago some solar systems didn’t bring up anything, others do. (IIRC ‘Tararan’ did not, but ‘Pator’ still existed? I meant to BR it but forgot :frowning: )

Noticed a bug. Warping to zero doesn’t warp to zero anymore. sometimes ending anywhere from 35km to 70km off a stargate…



um i have sent over many request to be looked at and it is still open can you please take a look at them thx

I’ve dropped connection at least 2 or 3 times every couple hours of gameplay over the last few days, other player have claimed the same.


Yes, yes, nobody wanted to believe me yesterday!

I have one account that drops out all the time, and one the never drops out. Happens even while I am playing them at the same time.


Good day,

The extended maintenance has started. Grab a snack, something to drink and we will see you in 20 minutes :slight_smile:


When I safe a location I am able to chose between 3h, 2d and never, I would be very thankfull if you add a option which allows me/you to a week, because not all sites are in 2days despawned


Thanks for the continued early extended downtime notifications, CCP! We appreciate it! ;D

But Nana… what… what do they do with the old hamsters they retire? ;_;


had the portrait thing for a while, thought it was done to improve performance. about 1/2 of my local pilots had no picture

have experienced the same (rather frustrating) issue with in game search. have also noticed the search will fail and simply not return if I search the same name/word/term regardless of which account or toon I try an affected search query from.

All 3 of mine usually get socket disconnects at the same time, but occasionally it’s just 1 or 2 of them. With me, all 3 are vulnerable, tho. Consider yourself lucky to have some degree of predictability to yours. :wink:

I did have a fleetmate once who had a similar issue to yours where one of his would drop more than the others, tho.

There’s been talk in the past few weeks that the portrait creation tool in the NPE was broken? So there’s tons of people without portraits right now? It’s a known issue and I think they’ve said they’re working on it.

But I’m not sure if it affected older player portraits or not. All of mine haven’t been changed since birth, birth, and character purchase, (2013, 2014, 2015) so… I haven’t noticed it happening with my own as viewed from the others.

cmoon guys giddy up! people in AU time zone has to sleep we have training session to do …