[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/06/15

Good day, everyone,

Tomorrow, 15 June, we will have our monthly release that will introduce three new EDENCOM ships, module balance changes, and the Lightning Strikes event! For this reason, Monday’s downtime will be extended and is estimated to take up to 35 minutes. We expect Tranquility to be accepting connections by 11:35 UTC at the latest.

As usual, updates will be provided in this thread and on EVE Status Twitter.




Tranquility is back online accepting connections!

Backend and database updates went well. We are starting up Tranquility in VIP mode to perform a series of checks before letting everyone in.

The deployment has begun. Check the patch notes to learn about everything that is coming in with today’s update.



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Whew, new content introduced on a monday ? It’s a first to see that for me


TY for your work peeps!


Updates are good. but when will the sounds of guns and others be returned to the game? (I am writing through a translator)


Yay! You used my idea, notifications about the game, in game!


Thank you for this advanced warning.


how about sorting the sounds i think thats more of a priority do u not?


0/ :grinning:

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the red colorcoding in the launcher for a 10min longer downtime is little bit to mutch ccp.

can we come to a strickt colorcoding like:
red: emergency alarms like ddos warnings, server shutdown, database not stabl and monitoring be carefull
orange/yellow : low level warnings/informations like extendet DT, pls relogg your chars for problemsolving, read our patchnotes to know about changes today
blue: informations like masstest today, stream in the evening, read our new devblog about future redoing carrreer agents, tiericide, fanfest
green: all good we want to tell you the hamsters are running after we solved the problem


It’s only a colour, Its designed/meant to catch your attention, is it not? Which it has done lol. Just So you know why it won’t be up at its normal speed… They know how much this community like to cry at the slightest opportunity :joy:

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its crying or a try to start a healthy discussion and bring sugestions to make the world tomorrow better as it is today


The irony of your point, in case you missed it a few weeks back, is that MANY people complained here on the forums that the orange banner wasn’t noticeable enough and they missed the notification about extended downtime…

Besides, haven’t you realised that red is CCP’s new favorite colour :grin:

:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:


i was one of the people and i dont think it is the visibility, its the lack of use of this feature in the past players could get used to, it was a problem with the time it was postet (few minutes pre DT) no one had a chance to see it and plan arround, it was the lack of ingame notifications for all who are logged in, and it is the problem of missed important informations while people dont see the tiles because they dont have the launcher window wide enough to see all 6 tiles and the first 2 are clutered with advertisung instead of informations, and a lot just start the client and see the launcher only for few seconds

today we saw a almost 24h pre information for extendet DT so no one can miss it because he dosent pay attention thats wonderfull!
last days and today we saw in the notifications the return of cklickable links… also 10 out of 10 great job!

this all is how it should be! this should be all days all month and all years standard information practise in direct contanct to the players who just use CCPs launcher and client and dont be on social media or monitor active news website and stuff…(or now the “secret” eve forum)

and now i would like to see the last 20% CCP allways is missing to make the feature the got great

red is international a warning sign who goes down to our bloodcolor, green a sign of all ist wonderfull because nature is green, blue is the sky…

come on i dont ask for something totaly not known, and the colorcoding would also give all who see it 2 informations even if the dont read it: if the banner is active something is happening or important to knoa (dont overdue it in using it CCP! it should be a rare thing so it gets the attention)
and the colorcoding gives you instant knowlege about the importance of the information)

and all together if it is used alleays in this way and constantly used if someone needs to know the players will get used to it and teach each other how to read it… next layer of information are the tiles who link to website or forum

p.s.: you could also use other colors for more coding like: white for future feature devblogs, public fleet announcements, devfleets and streams, (nothing you have to be worried about your gameplay today or tomorrow or you have to know abut important changes like patchnotes, maybee use it for fixed important known issues after a patchday


The missing sounds still need to be fixed.


Awesome! Good luck with it all guys.

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as in german help channel mentioned the color coding might be not readable for colorblind players… you could also combine it with distinct ticker icons/letter… like
white … public devflet today …
green — fixed log in issues —
blue +++ future feature devblog +++
yellow ### new contend update and patchnotes, extendet DT ###
red !!! log in issues, ddos attack, database instability !!!

hey and why not
grey ??? strawpoll for csm election, player asked for features ???

new features… tiericide… cmon CCP, tell the truth…

You need extra time to spray paint the Hamsters rainbow colours to match the ‘new notifications’ suggestions in this, and previous forum posts!

Just dont forget to feed them once they are sprayed…


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I really liked this red banner. It immediately caught my eyes although I wasn’t paying too much attention to the launcher.
If CCP wants to tell us something, it is always important, even if it is “just” an extended downtime.
I am not a player who plans too much around the downtime, I usually go online later the day anyways.
But I still like the fact that I know about the downtime extension and the reason for it. And if this red banner isn’t used every day for random crap, I am sure people will continue to pay attention to it.
Good job CCP, this is just perfect in my opinion and I am looking forward for the new content!
Fly safe/dangerous o7