Extracted Pilot (Reprocess skills left) 5.2m sp

(Harvey Arbosa) #1

Harvey Skills

  1. Positive Wallet
  2. No kill rights
  3. Located in Amarr Empire high sec
  4. No jump clones
  5. No remaps

Looking for 5.5b or best offer, will transfer using CC (I pay fee per rules)

(Harvey Arbosa) #2

Still for sale

(Derp Durrr) #3

4 Bil
Sounds good?

(A Mess) #4

I’ll give you 5B for him

(Harvey Arbosa) #5

A mess send account name and isk

(A Mess) #6

Isk and account name sent!

(Harvey Arbosa) #7

Isk and info received. Transfer started. Enjoy

(system) #8

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