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you spend way to much time looking for posters…

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Is your corp still recruiting ?

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Yes sir , our doors remain open to future members of the imperial elite

Please come chat with us in our pub chat or discord

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Join the empire

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Looking for more troopers

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Hi. i am new to eve.

I have played for around 26 days soon i guess.
I have omega with 1.7 mil sp soon.
And i want to learn the game more. and have fun in the run.
And i want to know my place in the eve universe.

I dont know if this is good or not…

(KiloAlpha) #392

Please contact one of us in game or join our discord where there are people 23 hours a day too chat with u

We do take newer players. So long as they are willing to learn


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Join up and serve the imperium along side Many like minded men and women from all over the universe

“Come on guys , do you want to live forever ?”

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The war machine needs more men. And women

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Join up with the Imperials finest

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The Imperium war maching marches on , and are winning the war

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Imperial warriors on the front line!!

Join in with thousands of like minded players

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join us today

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Join us