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mining Pilot looking for active team playing nullsec corp!

11mil SP

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Come and have a chat with me on discord

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I am starting to put feelers out and I am considering a move of home. Your corporation looks interesting, but before I jump onto channels to talk, I play in the AUTZ and ask how big is your AUTZ presents both at an alliance level and corporation level.

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come to discord and have a chat with me

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recruitment is currently closed due to being on deployment , however you can still come chat with us on discord if your intrested in joining in the future

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We are on the march , join us in our crusades

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Are you guys still recruiting

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Having some fun with our friends

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whats the min sp req to come hang out asking for friend of mine just showed him the ways of low sec pvp and hes looking for more i however sit at 82.5m sp caldari/minmatar combat widow/panther, 3 races of carrier and naglfar just saying more or less if i join up can he aswell