Extremely Active, Established NullSec Community, OWNED - Imperium- EU/US/AU TZ

(Emisia Atruin) #704

Come talk with us on our Public Discord

(Praestigiator Metellus) #705

If you are looking for something to do, we have plenty of fleets going out daily for the war effort. Swing by and have a chat with one of our recruiters.

(Emisia Atruin) #706

Come Just The FUN

(Praestigiator Metellus) #707

Come help us scare our enemies into spending more time with their families today!!!

(Ulec Qel'Droma) #708

we make the toys we break

(Minato Achura) #709

Feeling lonely need more friends. Please be my friend :confused:

(Zildjian Cymbalia) #710

any members from the state of louisiana?

(Dr-Moriarty) #711

bumping to the top