Exxitium: The New Generation of Low-Sec - PVP and Industry

The main recruitment ad for Exxitium can be found here.

Exxitium is an industry-focused alliance with assets located in HS and in LS. We are currently looking for both players and corporations alike. Here’s what we’re looking for from perspective corporations:

  • Low-Sec Industry-PVP Focused. Our enemies are numerous. Our allies are as numerous as well. But that doesn’t mean we must rely on them to defend us. We’re looking to build up a dedicated security wing to supplement our operations. This security wing would specialize in PVP and would be willing to field defensive fleets in and around Exxitium territory.

  • Has At Least Five Active Bodies, NOT ALTS. And Is Willing To Grow. As we are looking to grow the number of players in the alliance, not just accounts, the corporation should have at least five humans/dwarves/persons who speak and breathe in it. Not saying that having alts in a corporation is a bad thing, but we are looking for more active bodies to put on grid.

  • Can Function Independently Without Alliance Oversight. Basically, CEOs should have the ability to run their own show. Alliance leadership is not willing to babysit a corporation. Period.

  • Is Able To Put It All Together When It Counts. When Alliance calls for an op, the corporation in question can quickly and efficiently dissiminate the necessary information to its members, coordinate form-up, and deploy in an efficient and effective manner.

That all being said, Exxitium is one team. Each corporation currently within it is doing its part to better not just the Alliance, but through the Alliance, themselves. We become better, together.

For more information, please feel free to contact these fine people right here:

In-Game Channel Name: Exxitium Public

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